10 Tips On How To Be Fit

To be successful in your life we need a perfect balance of three things that is body, mind, and intellect but in present, the most ignored one is our body that’s why we are here to explain to you how to be fit with simple tips.

We must never forget that we have only one life and one body which is a gift of the all mighty god.

So we must value such a precious gift from God and always take good care of our body.

To live long and a healthy life without any disease whose importance we have realised during these tough times of coronavirus pandemic

Seeing the importance of the question that is how to be fit? we have deeply researched and found some best 10 tips on how to be fit 

So without wasting any more time lets get started

10 Tips On How To Be Fit 

1. Exercise Regularly

how to be fit

Yes, it is as simple as that and we must have listened to it many times all over the books, internet etc.

But the main problem is that we have never taken it seriously and implemented it with consistency.

If we have done it seriously half of our problems related to the fitness must have been encountered already. So my friend takes this seriously and exercises regularly for an hour.

During the initial days, you will feel uncomfortable and feel pain in a lot of your body parts but consider it as a sweet pain That will only last for a few time and will give a great result in your future that is good for you only.

2. Take An Adequate Amount Of Sleep

How to be fit

We are well aware of the fact that a human body on average requires eight hours of sleep.

But very few of us are taking a good amount of sleep there can be a number of reasons or we must say that most of them are excuses that we all are having and that is hindering ourself to sleep early at night.

Try to have at least a six hours of quality sleep if eight hours of sleep is not possible since it is extremely important for your body because while we are sleeping our body performs many tasks and the most important one is the repairing process.

The lesser we will sleep our body will get less time for the repairing process so make sure that you take quality sleep (here the quality sleep refers to how well we sleep in the night).

3. Eat Healthy food

How to be fit

Just by doing this thing, that is just by taking more healthy food in our diet, we can entirely achieve a massive fitness level.

It is said in Ayurveda that 90 per cent of our disease is caused by just not having proper healthy food in our diet.

This is mostly true because like our ancestors never had any kind of present diseases that are becoming common in our society like blood pressure, obesity and many more so how they achieved that level of good health?

The answer is simple my friend at that time no junk food was available hence our ancestors used to have only healthy food that is the main reason for their long and healthy lives.

So I think that now it is very much clear that why eating healthy food only is the most important thing that can help us to be fit.

4. Keep yourself hydrated 

How to be fit

Just keep yourself hydrated, One thing that I must suggest is that don’t drink water only when you are thirsty because then it is too late you are already dehydrated.

We should always aim to drink a glass of water every 30 minutes throughout the day.

This will keep the body hydrated and will also help us out to wash out necessary electrolyte solutes which is extremely important to keep us fit and healthy.

5. Stay active 


It’s as simple as that if we stay active or I must say that if we try out to remain active throughout the day we will have a drastic change in our fitness goal.

That’s the thing which we are looking at how to be fit?

If we will stay active then our energy will rise and will help us to feel fresh energetic and fit throughout our amazing life.

6. Keep yourself Inspired 


Perhaps this point is the most important one because there is only one thing that is an inspiration that makes us alive otherwise we all are just robots.

Inspiration is something that is from within ourself once we have an inspiration or if we are an inspired person then automatically we will feel more energised and active that will make us fit at all. 

7. Play some outdoor games 


Games are something that can make us fit and also we will realise the magic of them.

There is only one thing that everybody loves to do and don’t need any motivation to do it that is playing games.

This is the best thing that we can do to achieve massive results in a very short span but the problem is that as we grow old we all leave the games for the kids that’s the main reason where we make the biggest mistake of our lives.

Overall at least try out to play one game and achieve excellence in it.

8. Try to avoid food myths

food myth

As there is always some fake news being transferred all around the world the same is with the food.

There are certain food myths that we must be aware of and try our best to not get caught by those myths and don’t ever follow them as they will harm our body more rather than helping out you to make your body fit and healthy.

9. Get a company of some fit people 


As we are well aware of the fact that we are the average of five people we hang out with.

The same rule applies over the fitness as well we must always try out to get a company of some fit people better than us.

10. Practice Meditation


Meditation is the practice where an individual uses techniques to train attention towards an object or thought which increases awareness and help us to achieve a clear and emotionally calm and stable state of mind.

This state of mind also creates positive vibes and enhances self-awareness which further makes our mind to follow the lifestyle which helps us to remain fit and healthy.

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