Best Hairstyles For Mens 2020-21

Hey there, today we will discuss on the topic best hairstyles for mens.

It is not any secret that in today’s time if you want to be charming and good looking then a hairstyle is a necessity.

Well, we are here to advise you some best hairstyles for mens .

Before we go further let us be clear that hairstyle refers to the styling of hair which differs from person to person; here we mean to say that one type of hairstyle may not look good at another person.

So before choosing hairstyle we will give some advice which one should keep in mind while visiting barber next time.

An important point to keep in mind while choosing the best hairstyle for mens is your face shape.

Face shape in men is of seven types on which best hairstyles for mens depends.

Best Hairstyles For Mens-

1) Diamond Face shape

If you have a diamond face shape then your face will have wide cheekbones and would be pointed towards forehead and chin.

Some best hairstyle for mens of this face shape are 

  • Buzzcut Hairstyle – Hairstyle in which back, sides and top of the head shaved in a uniform length however this length can vary.
  • Comb over Hairstyle – In many men, partial baldness is a common problem this hairstyle in which grown long hair is combed over the bald area.

2) Heart Face Shape

In this shape, the forehead is wider as compared to cheekbones and jawline. 

Some best hairstyles for mens of this face shape are 

  • Side part hairstyle – As the name suggests that the side of the head and top are fashioned in a classical style to give side part enhanced look. 
  • Fringe Hairstyle – An uncomplicated haircut in which side is trimmed short while the hair on top is not trimmed short to hang over the forehead.

3) Oblong Face Shape

This face shape has a tall rectangular face and rounded corners, the forehead is quite broad but the cheekbones and jawline are also quite similar in length.

Some best hairstyles for mens of this shape are

  • Swept Back Hairstyle – Hairstyle in which long hairs are combed back giving a better look for men of this face type.
  • Undercut Hairstyle – The hairs on top are long while sides and back of the headlocks are kept short.

4) Oval Face Shape 

best hairstyles for mens

 The oval face shape is defined as a shape where face length is longer than cheekbones girth while forehead width is also longer than the jawline.

Some best hairstyles for mens of this shape are

  • Crew Cut and Fade – A type of haircut in which hair on the top (especially upright hair) is cut short and rest of hair in front composes small pomp while sides are cut medium short or length can vary of side hairs.
  • Pompadour Hairstyle – Since in the above haircut we have mentioned word ‘pomp’ so why not ensuing hairstyle be related to it. Pompadour hairstyle is a timeless hairstyle in which hair on the back and side are kept short while on the front a large volume of hair is maintained long this pomp retreats towards the back.

5) Round Face Shape 

best hairstyles for mens

As the name suggests in Round face shape, a face will have less angular cuts, cheekbone width and face length is alike; it is also larger than forehead and jawline.

Some best hairstyles for mens of this shape are

  • Quiff Hairstyle – This hairstyle is quite similar like undercut hairstyle which we have specified above but, the basic disparity between both of them is that top of the hair in both hairstyles is kept long but here the top hairs are combed slightly backwards for a dapper aspect.
  • Pompadour hairstyle – Regarding this hairstyle, we have already mentioned above. This hairstyle also gives a classy look to a rounded face shape fellows.

6) Square Face Shape

best hairstyles for mens

Square face shape has facial features which give a most masculine look shape, the cheeks of the face are quite broad and the chin is straight, with a raised jawline and the forehead is squared frame.

 Some best hairstyles for mens of this shape are

  • Caesar Hairstyle – Named after Roman Emperor Caesar in which the hair length of top back and front are cut to the same length.
  • Slicked Back undercut – A quite famous hairstyle in which sides of the hair are shaved or trimmed very short and the rest of hair are combed backwards like quiff hairstyle.

7) Triangle Face Shape 

best hairstyles for mens

If you have a triangle silhouette shape then your jawline would be wider than cheekbone and temples. Cheekbones can be even and narrow from your jaw to your forehead.

Some best hairstyles for mens of this shape are quite the same as Round and Square face shape 

  • Caesar Hairstyle – Those who want to have a short length hairstyle should go for it of which we have described above.
  • Pompadour Hairstyle – Those who want to keep a lengthy stretch coiffure can go for this hairstyle of also which we have described above in Oval Face shape.

So above we discussed seven distinct types of face shape and best hairstyles which would befit them.

Now we will like to tell you about some hairstyles which are getting quite famous in 2020 and surely you could also give it a try-

  • Bowl Cut with side-swept bangs – A bowl cut is a haircut where the frontal hair is fashioned with a neat fringe while the rest of hair is left longer it is winning popularity again in 2020
  • Buzz Cut with shaved design – About buzz cut, we have discussed above but with a current trend of shaved design with it, gives quite a good hairstyle.

So mates that were all of our piece on best hairstyles for mens; we hope we must have solved your queries through our article.

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Till then Be safe will meet you all in the next article. 


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