Formal dressing tips for men

Today in this topic we will discuss formal dressing tips for men and some more points related to it.

Ere going on the main topic let us make it clear that what is formal wear?

So, Formal dress or formal attire is the dress code which is the dress code of the Western traditional time.

The point to here noted is that even after so many years this dress code particularly of men also is popularly known as the formal dressing for men has not undergone many changes.

Formal dressing for men

In western countries during past formal dress was worn according to Morning and evening time.

For example – During Morning time when men used to begin there days their formal dressing included –

  • Morning Coat
  •  Waist Coat
  • Stripped trousers.

While during Evening the dress code got used to change which included 

  • Formal trousers uncuffed
  • Plain white shirt
  • White bow or tie
  • White waistcoat and some other accessories.

However, with time, the use of formal attire has been confined to special occasions and meetings only.

Today the formal dressing for men includes the following –

  • A coat
  • Tie or tuxedo
  • A plain white shirt
  • Trousers

The suit gives a proper formal attire for men in today’s fashion so we will like to clarify what is a suit?

A suit is classic menswear quite popular and is made from the same garment, a suit can be both two-piece suit or three-piece suit.

A Two-piece suit has a jacket and trousers while a three-piece suit has a jacket, trousers and a waistcoat also. 

Now we will dive to the main point that is formal dressing tips for men-

  • A suit should fit like a glove and should neither be too loose nor should be too tight, the suit should be of a perfect fitting according to body shape and size.
  • The collar size of your shirt should be of perfect width(1.25 inches to 1.5 inches) so while wearing the coat or jacket shirt collar could be visible at the back of neck giving it a perfect look.
  • Make sure that your sleeves of the shirt are neither too short nor too long it should be of a perfect length so that while wearing the coat a small portion of shirt sleeve is noticeable just like this picture below 
Formal dressing tips for men
  • The next tip is for a three-piece suit. The additional item in a three-piece suit is a waistcoat so while picking up a waistcoat try to commemorate two things – Perfect fit & perfect length enough to surface the torso and waistband.
  •  During the winter season the preferable fabric concerning formal dressing for men should be Worsted wool or Flannel fabric and for summer Linen and Cotton are the best one.
  • In your wardrobe, you must have a grey or navy colour suit rather than a black suit since the black suit is mostly preferable with a white shirt and white tie only while dandruff and dust also show on it, during the night-black show up brownish sometimes under artificial light.

So, till now above we discussed the history and some formal dressing tips for men about wearing a suit which will surely give you a dashing look.

Now let us dive into the next segment of the article that is some notions on the combination of suits –

  • In black grey and navy, colour suit try to wear a plain shirt of white blue or pale pink colour along with this colour shirt, wear silk textured version ties this combination will surely give you an impressive look.
  • If you have a navy colour suit, the best shirt with its matching would be white accompanying with a dark colour tie with slim type tie knots.
  • If you are wearing a bow tie and also a pocket square keeps in cognisance that both bow tie and pocket square should be of matching colour.
  • While we have mentioned about the pocket square in the above point a combination which will also look good is that if you are wearing a dark colour suit try to wear a light colour pocket square.
  • Further, we will request you that if you are wearing a suit, never wear a sports watch with that, that combination look worst.
  • Keep in mind while deciding the combination of your suit that the shoes should always complement the colour of your suit.
  • A red blazer with blue trousers and denim light blue shirt is also a good combination which you must try out.
  • Classic blue navy colour blazer with a blue striped shirt and grey colour trousers is a classic combination in formal dressing for men.

So, we gave you many bits of advice on formal dressing for men now we would look to another section of the article that is some accessories for formal dressing for men.

Some accessories for men while wearing formals are-

  • Watches- Men watches are one of the most famous accessories that give a good look while wearing a suit but remember that a simple watch is best not that fancy one.
  • Men’s Cufflinks – These also go well with the suits you should give it a try.
  • Tie Clip – Tie clips are used to keep a tie from getting blown by the wind but apart from that it also adds a classy look to men suit. The preferred colour is usually gold and silver.
  • Tie Chains – Tie chains also have the same work as a Tie clip you could give it a try other than tie clip, here also the preferred colour is gold and silver.
Formal dressing tips for men

So above we mentioned some accessories for men suit but friends keep in mind that accessories are worn to compliment an outfit please don’t wear too much that will not look genuine.

At last keep in mind that confidence is the key. The above tips, combinations and accessories will work out only when you have confidence in yourself that you are handsome and you look smart.

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