What is Lifestyle in Fashion Industry

Nowadays What is Lifestyle in Fashion Industry is becoming an important question in the fashion field.

Hence we decided to give a detail answer of this emerging question that is-

What is Lifestyle in Fashion Industry

Ever since humans started wearing clothes a psychological need got developed to present yourself in a good way through one’s attire.

Humans to manifest themselves beautifully and handsomely started washing their clothes to keep the clothes clean and tidy with the passage of time washing machines developed and all people started using it but the same type of clothes was not fashionable all time.

Since then the fashion industry emerged to accomplish these cravings.

From here the fashion industry entered the scene and fashion designing of clothes began.

So basically Fashion design can be said as the art of applying patterns, designs to clothing to give it an adorable look.

Also, Fashion can be described as a popular style represented through clothes, footwear, accessories etc.

At early times fashion used to be handmade particularly for elite classes in the society, however, in today’s era of industrialisation fashion has developed as a global trend.

Before going ahead we should also learn about the difference between style and fashion.

There is a famous quote by Yves Saint Laurent –
“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

So, as the quote gives a hint, style is quite a personal thing which depends on the person to person while fashion is something worn by most at a particular time.

Fashion trend changes from time to time while style is permanent.
Similarly, in today era there are different types of fashion styles which are constantly present in today’s fashion industry.

These five female Fashion styles are as follows –

what is lifestyle in fashion industry

● Preppy fashion style
College look could be accepted under the preppy fashion style.

● Casual fashion style
Casual fashion style can be defined as style with comfort.

● Chic fashion style
Strong colours which are not extravagant, comes as a part of the chic style.

● Bohemian fashion style
A non-traditional style in which extravagant and wild patterns are used on exotic textures.

● Vintage fashion style
The vintage fashion look is a culmination of fashion from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Some men’s fashion style is as follows –

what si lifestyle in fashion industry

● Casual style
Casual style in men’s fashion style can be described as means dressing in comfortable, loose and casual clothing.

● Elegant style
Under Elegant style usually, style and fashion are done through suits.

● Smart casual style
Smart casual is mostly suited for work or less formal business meetings.

So friends till now we covered several different topics like what is fashion, what is fashion designing, what is the difference between fashion and style, different types of fashion styles of men and women.

Now, we will enter the next topic of our article which is what is a lifestyle.
Lifestyle is a word which was introduced by an Austrian psychologist, Alfred Adler.

He introduced this word in his book The case of Miss R in 1929.

The word according to the book is a person’s basic character as established early in childhood.

So, lifestyle is the means of reflecting an individual’s attitudes, similarly, as
we described above fashion can be described as a popular style represented through clothes, footwear, accessories etc.

Hence in the fashion industry- lifestyle and fashion are two different sides of the same coin, they are inseparable.

In the fashion industry, there are several lifestyle brands which through these brands products try to represent values, aspirations and attitudes of a group or a culture for marketing.

Lifestyle products try to give a handsome look to your way of living through there brand products and accessories.

Today with the increasing influence of the global fashion industry, lifestyle in the fashion industry has gained significant importance.

Several lifestyle brands are dominating the fashion industry in the present date and trying to bring a change in the lifestyle of their target audience.

Now as we know that fashion and lifestyle are inseparable we will like to provide some fashion brand list which is quite famous for their products.





So, friends in the article we discussed fashion, fashion designing, lifestyle, the origin of the word lifestyle, list of fashion brands etc.

Basically in today’s world fashion and lifestyle industry has become a billion-dollar industry.

The products of lifestyle brands have become a source of our status symbol all thanks goes to marketing strategy and advertisements.

Lifestyle brands nowadays define their products according to the ongoing fashion trends which shows that lifestyle nowadays changes according to fashion.

Lifestyle brands have now started targetting low middle-class income audience also as we know the fashion industry has left no one untouched.

So, In the end, let me explain to you with our final question that is

What is Lifestyle in the fashion industry.

As we have already told you in the above both are two different sides of the same coin.

Hence your lifestyle only determines what fashion you can afford and can wear.

If you are from a High class and have a great income then for sure you will be having a great lifestyle as well so you can afford costly fashion brands and can go with the trend.

But if a person is from a middle class with a low income and a moderate lifestyle which most of the people are so he or she may have a fashion accordingly to his income.

Both the industry that is the fashion industry as well as the lifestyle industry are interdependent as the lifestyle of a person only determines the type of fashion he or she may have or in other words what they can afford.

Hence now I think that it is clear enough that what are the two industries and how each of them is interdependent on each other and dominates each other.

So a lot of trends related to the fashion industry is dominated by the lifestyle industry.

Fashion industries are also trying out to expand themselves by targeting every class of the society and not limiting up themselves only to the small high-class elite section of society.

So Kudos 😊 to the middle class as well as the poor class they can also present themselves fashionable in the society.

In the end, I hope that I have cleared out your every doubt related to the topic of what is a lifestyle in the fashion industry.

Hope you like this article and if any doubts don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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